Running the server

After a successful build, the binaries will be places in the /bin directory. The server is a commmand line program, but can be run as any other windows program. The differens is that it will open and run in a command line window where status messages will be printed.
If the server fails to initialise properly it will exit directly. (If run directly the command window will disapear. To see the error messages either run the provides start.bat script or start the server from the command line)


Because the server is built with microsofts compiler it depends on their runtime libraries, which can be downloaded and installed from


Configuration files are provided in source:trunk/bin/conf
source:trunk/bin/conf/measureserver.conf.dist is a default configuration file that needs to be copied to conf/measureserver.conf and edited with the configuration needed. See comments there.

Domain security issues

By default the server will allow measurements from any server. If this is not desirable, edit the source:trunk/bin/conf/flashpolicy.xml file in /conf. More information about flash security and policy files can be found here. The server has a built in policy server and will not require any additional software to run to handle security.

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