Measurement Sequence

Before a measurement can be made the client must be authenticated.

Client measurement requests

The flash client serialises each instruments settings to a xml request. This request is than transmitted to the measurement server. When the measurement server recieves a client measurement request it reads all the insturment settings and saves it in instrument block. The instrument block contains all the instruments and thier settings. Each client has it's own instrument block. When all settings has been read the settings are first validated for correctness, then the server has to decide how to perform the measurement.

Server measurement handling

The server has to choose how to handle the requests from the clients, it can either use the GPIB module to control hardware directly or send requsts to a equipment server. Each type of request has its own class that knows how to handle them. The server queues these measurement requests and handles them sequentially.

GPIB Requests

When GPIB requests are handled, the server examines the spectrum analyser settings and sends the corresponding GPIB commands to the hardware instrument and read back a result, which is stored in the instrument block.

Equipment server requests

When a equipment server request is handled, the instrument block settings is encoded using the equipment server protocol and is sent to the server, which handles the request and returns a answer. The response is decoded and the data is stored in the instrument block.

Returning measurement resutls

After a measurement is handled, new data is available in the instrument block. This is encoded using the xml protocol and sent back to the flash client.

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