The loader module needs to know which server and port to connect to. Further more, it needs to know which modules to load, and the data for each module.

This is sent by using either FlashVars och url parameters to the flash object in the embedded html code.

The Loader accepts:

  • host, a hostname
  • port, a port
  • http, set to 1 if measurements should be sent over http
  • savedata, xml encoded data describing a saved setup.
    • Breadboard setup data.
    • This also contains the instrument urls.
    • Instruments beside the breadboard can store data here too. But currently only the breadboard saves its state.

Another way to configure the flash client is the config.xml file. The file should be located in the same folder as the loader.swf file. The configuraiton is described in XML format and the current settings are:

  • hostname, hostname of the server if direct connections are used
  • port, port to use if direct connections are used
  • http, set to 1 if measurements should be sent over http
  • httpurl, the url to handle the http requests

Any settings in the config.xml can be overridden by the corresponding one in Flashvars.

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