Components List

In the file components.list are all of the components in the Relay Swichting Matrix describe with type, card number, relay number, node connections and description. In additional to the information about the components there is information regarding the instruments. Instruments that are not altering or introduce fore in to the system do not need to be specified in this list, for example DMM “Digital Multimeter”.

The configurations of this file are dependent on the configuration made in the matrix.

A basic component list can look like this:

* All components are defined as, <type>_<card>_<place>
* Supported types are:
* R, L, C

* Instrument cards
VFGENA_17_1     A 0


* card1
R_1_2		D E 	1k
R_1_1:8_10	E F 	10k
R_1_4		B C 	1.8k
R_1_5		A B 	1.5k
R_1_6		G H 	220k
R_1_8		H 0 	120k
R_1_9		F 0 	82k
C_1_10		C 0 	0.1u

* Powersupply
* Card 25 are disabling/enabling the power supply

VDC+25V_25_5		A
VDC-25V_25_7		G
VDC+6V_25_4		D
VDCCOM_25_3		0

*End of components list

Starting from the top are some basic information about different types of components that are supported in this example. In this case the supported components are shortcut, resistor”R”, capacitance”C”, inductance “L” and function generator “VFGENA”.

Under the heeding instrument card are the information needed to enable the signal generator. Then there is a list of all the components in the matrix, the first line “R_1_2 D E 1k” are representing a resistor with a value of 1k that is placed on card one and are connected to relay number two. For example if this relay are activated a resistor with the value 1k are connected between node D and E in the circuit. In the next line “R_1_1:8_10 E F 10k“ is an example of a component demanding more then one rely being activating to be connected to the circuit. By activating rely one on card one and rely ten on card eight a resistor with the value of 10k are going to be connected between node E and F. In the end of the file is information regarding which relays to activate to enable the power supply, for example “VDC+25V_25_5 A” by activating relay 5 on card 25 the +25V are going to be present on node A.

Source board mapping (card 24):

24_1	VFGENA to A
24_2	VDCCOM to 0
24_3	VDC+6V to X1
24_4	VDC+25V to X2
24_5	VDC-25V to X3
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