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On this pages there are going to be a short introduction one how to use the Equipment Server, the span of the page are going to cover installation of instruments to the commandos that the server can handle and the response that is created and sent back to the user.


In order to accommodate a large number of students in electronics laboratory experiments a remote computerized laboratory has been developed at Blekinge Institute of Technology.
Experiments in electronics usually demand a large number of small components and measuring equipment, every group of students needs a complete set of equipment. With this system there is no longer a need for this since the experiments are done via an online server. This server is connected to all the different instruments needed as well as to a circuit wiring robot. This robot contains all of the components that are needed for the experiment. The components are situated in a matrix and through a number of relays the robot can build the circuit by toggling these relays on and off.


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