Relay Swichting Matrix

The matrix are a combination of 4 deferent cards, Components card, DMM card, oscilloscope/ function generator card and a controller card. All of these cards apart from the controller card can be added or removed depending on the demands. For example a system can have 4 cards handling 4 deferent oscilloscopes enabling 4*2 oscilloscope channels to be used in the system. The matrix can handle 16 components cards enabling 10*16 components in one matrix this combined whit freely selection of instrument cards gives maximum freedom combined with the ability to build complex circuits. The picture below are showing a matrix with (from left) 4* component cards, 1* DMM card, 1* oscilloscope card and 1* controller card.

Overview of the Matrix

Connecting the Relay Swichting Matrix

The picture below are showing a top view of the matrix (top down) controller card, DMM card, oscilloscope/ function generator card and component card.

Connecting the Matrix

Depending on the demands more cards can be added to the configuration or cards can be removed.

Component card

Component cards are equipped with 10 relays, a passive component for example conductor or resistors are going to consume one relay to be present in the circuit. More complex components can be added to the circuit to the cost of more relays. In the picture blow is a component card equipped with 10 passive components.

Overview of the component card

In the center are the 16 nodes propagated through the card stack. There are six holes for connecting wires to each node. Depending on the wonted behaviour of the system this wires can be altered.

The relays on a component card are numbered 1 to 10, in the picture above relay number 1 is in the lower left corner and number 10 is in the upper right corner. The switch markets with a reed circle in the picture above are representing the card number. The relay number combined with the card number are essential when producing the file components.list.

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