Six step installation:

  • Download server program.
  • Installing the instruments.
  • Installing the USB Matrix.
  • Verify that the instruments are working properly.
  • Configure the EquipmentServer.ini.
  • Execute the server program.

After installing LabVIEW preferable 8.6 or a newer version, and download the latest version of the Equipment Server the server can be started by execute Depending on the instruments you are planning on using together with the server you need to make sure that the instruments are installed and working properly. This page assume that the following instruments are present:

The firs step is installing the instruments and verify that they are working by using the built in function “Soft Front Panels” in “Measurement & Automation”. When the instruments are functional there is then time to install the Relay Swichting Matrix. A more detailed description on how to install the matrix is described here installing the Relay Swichting Matrix. Connect the external power supply and then connect the matrix to the computer, after a while Windows are going to present a new USB device and are demanding an .ini file. This file is distributed together with the matrix. After Windows have installed the matrix it can be fund in “Measurement & Automation” under USB devices. Now we have the entire battery of instrument installed and working, the next step is to configure EquipmentServer.ini. This configuration is going to be covered here Configure EquipmentServer.ini. Whit a correct configured .ini file and the entire battery of instrument running we can boot the server by executing

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